Thursday, February 3, 2011

Straight from NachoFoto Labs ~ "Related Searches" Comparision Chart in Image Search

Our Search Quality Evaluation team conducted an experiment to compare "Related searches" shown by Google Images, Bing Images, Yahoo Images and NachoFoto for over a thousand queries. Below you will see "Related searches Comparision chart" for some of the queries and our conclusion.

Note: ”HTC” case study was conducted on 17th Jan’11 ~ Results on Nachofoto might have changed if you search for HTC today

“HTC” is one of the popular search query in “Gadgets & Technology” category.
Given the fact that a new HTC model is launched every 2-3 weeks, there is no doubt that users are looking for latest smartphone models of HTC. And we can also be very sure that users won’t be interested in models as old as 2008 or 2009 or even six months old HTC model.

If you see Related searches offered by Google Images, Bing Images and Yahoo images, most of the HTC models were launched between 1-3 years ago.
If you compare those with Nachofoto results, you will see that the top 2 results
“HTC Evo Shift 4G” and “HTC Thunderbolt” were launched to public few days before we conducted this experiment and the 3rd one “HTC 7 Pro” was launched just few weeks ago.

Lets take a look at another interesting example from Entertainment category.

Note: ”Miley Cyrus” case study was conducted on 17th Jan’11 ~ Results on Nachofoto might have changed if you search for Miley Cyrus today

We have seen the term “Miley Cyrus” appearing in “google trends” and/or “google insights for image search” atleast once every week. In past two months number of searches for ‘Miley Cyrus” skyrocketted when
1. her leaked pictures of smoking salvia with bong hit the web
2.first pictures of her latest album ‘So Undercover’ were made public on the
3.she threw her 18th birthday party
4.first pictures of her album ‘Who owns my heart’ were released on the web

Now it is quite obvious that most of the users want to see fresh and latest images and not the old ones shown by existing image search engines.
If you take a moment and look at “Related searches” shown by Google,Bing and Yahoo image search engines, it is obvious that most of the users are not actually looking for that.
Instead they would be most interested in exploring images of her very own recent birthday party or her pics from American music awards or from the MTV music awards or her leaked smoking pictures and so on.

Offering “Fresh” results has always been one of the most important goals of a search engine and Image Search is no exception. Most users don’t want out of date information.
By offering “Fresh Related searches” image search engines will not only gives their users an opportunity to explore content they are looking for but also enhances overall user experience on image search. Users get what they are looking for and has every good reason to browse more images and spend more time on image search.

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